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Community Philanthropist, MatchPoint NYC Co- Founder, Real Estate Investor

Dmitry Druzhinsky

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Dmitry Druzhinsky is a South Brooklyn resident who worked to build MatchPoint NYC, the top fitness destination in Brooklyn, from the ground up due to his enthusiasm for tennis, his son’s prowess in the game, and his increasing involvement in real estate development. Dmitry’s son Dennis is now a scholar, entrepreneur and involved in real estate in NY. Dmitry also participates in community philanthropy and has sponsored young and hopeful tennis players. Events are often hosted at MatchPoint NYC for notable foundations, such as the R Baby Foundation.

In addition to his work as a real estate developer, Dmitry is a proud father. His son Dennis is not only an outstanding scholar who is working towards a degree in Business from Hofstra University, he is also an accomplished tennis player. As Dmitry noted, he used his experience and skills in real estate development along with his love for his son and his talents to develop the top-notch MatchPoint NYC fitness facility in Brooklyn. If you want to learn what Dmitry has been up to in the real estate development industry or at MatchPoint NYC, you can read news on his website.